Bettinardi Golf was founded in 1998 by manufacturer, designer, and entrepreneur Robert J.Bettinardi. In 1991, Robert took his passion for golf and turned the putter industry upside down and into what it is today by crafting a putter from a solid block of metal. He coined the term “one-piece technology” where at the time other manufacturers used castings, forgings, and welding's to create putters. Robert became the go-to for all the top OEM's in the golf industry after his manufacturing breakthrough, which was born from a tenacious effort to make an average putter obtain added confidence and greatness on the greens. The unrivaled combination of Robert J. Bettinardi's talent as an innovative club designer, in addition to his state-of-the-art machining methods, has proven to be the pure formula for success at Bettinardi in the USA and worldwide.

In 2012, Robert's son, Sam Bettinardi, joined the company to lead the marketing and sales division, and to expand E-commerce to better serve the growing B2C side of the business. Today, Sam currently serves as Vice President, taking a key role in putter designs and player development alongside his father. Of the major golf OEMs, Bettinardi is one of the only father-son operated businesses. Bettinardi Golf has amassed over 80 worldwide Tour wins since 1998, Bettinardi putters continue to prove their distinction and find their ways into the game’s best golfers hands around the globe.