Bettinardi H2 303 SS Wedges Receives 5 Stars

When Robert Bettinardi set out to challenge traditional wedge design, he did so on a mission – to bring the most durable, softest feeling wedge play to the forefront of the golf market. The 2018-2019 Bettinardi H2 303 Stainless Steel Golf Wedge has done just that – and it’s being recognized by the golf community.

Designing a Golf Wedge with the Players in Mind

With the players in mind and the USGA rules on groove limits, RJB and his top engineers set out this year to challenge all traditional wedge design and did just that by selecting 303 Stainless Steel metal, and moving away from the carbon steel. This metal ultimately gives players a more durable alloy, sturdier feeling, and
longer lasting, more forgiving club head.

New Technology on Bettinardi Golf Wedges  

In pure Bettinardi fashion, when you go to pick up the NEW H2 303 SS Wedge, you’ll find our patented Honeycomb face milling. This new technology pushed the USGA groove limits, and offers tighter spin in both wet and dry conditions. RJB has always preferred the C-Groove, as this versatile sole grind makes it easier for the player to open up around the green for those soft flop shots, or hitting knock-downs from the fairway. Still remaining the same from last year’s wedges, the High Helix Cut on the face of the wedges, which helps remove material quicker, resulting in a rougher surface finish.

Reviews are Rolling In for The H2 303 SS Wedges

 Just this week, expert Golf Equipment reviewer, Martin Hopley, tested two lofts – the 50 degree with 8 degree bounce and the 56 degree with 12 degree bounce. The article can be read in full below and contains in-play pictures of the wedge and very detailed reviews.

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