The Story of Fred Couples and Bettinardi Golf

When golfers hear the name, “Freddy”, a few different things come to mind: The Masters, his personality, and a person we wish we could all be friends with. Fred Couples has been using a Bettinardi putter for over 7 years now. He was first introduced to the brand when Bob Bettinardi heard he was playing in a tournament in North Chicago, about an hour and thirty minutes northeast of Bettinardi headquarters here in Tinley Park, IL. After speaking with Fred about exactly what he was looking for and getting his specs, it was off to design and create a putter specifically made for him. Fast forward to two weeks later, a Bettinardi Putter is in Freddy’s bag. There’s been no looking back ever since.

WITB: Fred Couples

Fred’s current gamer is an FCB (counter-balance) with a Tour blast finish with our Tour-proven floating F.I.T. face milling pattern and features a 17-inch Bettinardi grip. Freddy’s Bettinardi Putter has helped him capture 5 victories since putting it in play in 2013.

What is an FCB Putter?

“FCB” stands for Fred Couples Blade. The high toe topline and slim body style set up for a gorgeous look at address. Because of Freddy’s personality and the unique look of these putters, FCB’s have become a fan favorite in the Bettinardi Community and, naturally, one of our most popular model’s to go in and come out of the Hive.

Fred Couples Interview about Bettinardi

Early this year, Fred Couples was featured on Gear Drive with Golf WRX. The 30 min interview recapped Fred’s history and the story about Bob Bettinardi chasing him down at Exmoor Country Club. A mini clip of the interview is highlighted below.  You can find the entire Fred Couples Show interview with Bob Bettinardi by visiting their Soundcloud channel.

“They start to tell me about DASS steel, and the weight of it, and then this and that. So I’m like, look- let’s slow the show down. Send me a couple putters and let’s see if I can make a 4 footer with it. The first time I used a Bettinardi putter, I shot 63, 64 the first two rounds with it. And I’m like, “Where is this guy? Where has this putter been for my whole life?” - Freddy Couples

Future FCB Hive Releases

FCB’s are being hand crafted by Robert J. Bettinardi as we speak and these unique putters will only be available in The Hive. Fred has been a huge part of Bettinardi Golf’s success, and we find it very fitting to celebrate with some unique, one-of-a-kind FCB putters for our loyal customers to purchase. We ask that the best customers in golf be on the lookout for these very special FCB’s in our future Hive releases. Stay tuned!